Dates & Timetables

The fit4fh preparation courses for foreign students*) will be held from the beginning of March till the beginning of June – at the beginning of February you will find the exact timetable at the end of this website (only the topics M for Mathematics and E for English are relevant in this timetable).

The courses last for only one semester – so you can save a whole year of time compared to similar programs in Austria.

You will have the opportunity to attend a livestream of all lectures via Zoom-Meetings **) – teaching hours will be from 6.30 till 21.30 p.m. twice a week (English, Mathematics).

Your advantages:
- location-independent attendance of all lectures
- no travel times
- best streaming quality of all lectures
- possibility to ask questions at any time
- seats in the "first row"

Written exams (3 hours per subject) will be held at the beginning of June in Vienna - oral exams will be held via Zoom.

Application online via: Registration

*) © by WBI fit4fh KG
**) please pay attention to appropriate quality of hardware and software equipment